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Technology and innovations are our core competence.


We are closing the innovation cycle and increasing the value of the technologies by bridging the knowledge gap for the stakeholders, providing high-level due diligence for complex and emergent DeepTech technologies, and adopting cutting-edge technologies for cross-technological innovative solutions while meeting marketability criteria. 



Solving industrial challenges and worthy problems

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Risk mitigation by adressing complexity and uncertainty for smart decisions
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Research & DeveloPment

From challenge to Cross-Technological Innovative Solutions

We work together with the Industrial R&D department to strengthen their innovative capabilities, access and identify challenges and valuable problems, guarantee cross-technological innovative solutions, and create a competitive advantage while bringing business value.

Business to Technology (B2T)
  • Identify industry-specific challenges where the current technological approaches run into limits.
  • Translate the challenge into technological and well-established scientific language.
Cross-Technology to Innovations (T2I)
  • Identify different QDeepTech technologies to address the specific challenge.
  • Provide Cross-Technological Innovation blueprint for the solution
R&D Innovative Solutions

Modeling and Development of the Cross-Technological Innovative Solutions.

Innovations to Market (I2M)

Innovations meeting Marketability Criteria.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence for DeepTech Technologies

Risk mitigation by reducing complexity and uncertainty toward smart decisions. 


DeepTech technologies are technologically and market disruptive.


Due to the scientific and technological complexity of DeepTech technologies and the cross-technological approach, we perceive missing links between key stakeholders in the technological pipeline leading to actual products: researchers, technological actors, technological managers, industries, governments, and investors.


Due to the misunderstanding and the complexity of the technology,  there is too much uncertainty, which makes it difficult for stakeholders to see the value of DeepTech, as they do not know what opportunities it offers, and there are no available comparators.


Misunderstanding, complexity, and uncertainty of the technology lead to massive misallocation of the capital towards wrong non-product-oriented projects and products without any market need or market fit.