The world is becoming too fast, complex, and networked for any company to have all the answers in-house.


Our innovations are industry sector-specific. Industry pivots the technology demand.

There needs to be more industry participation in guiding research and development among technology actors to increase the market value and the acceptance of DeepTech technologies and provide real-life use cases and worthy problems.

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Adopting a cross-technological solution with solid foundations in cutting-edge technologies means competitive advantages, innovations, and strategic thinking for solving real-world challenges.


QDeeptech technological diffusion dynamics

Technology Diffusion Dynamics Technology Innovations

QDeepTech technological diffusion dynamics stands on two pillars:

  1. Bridging the knowledge gap and resistance towards accepting an innovative solution due to the complexity involved in emergent technologies.
  2. Facilitating increasing returns to adopting technology by meeting the marketability criteria;
    a) economical/societal/sustainable and competitive advantage, 
    b) willingness to use the solution,
    c) willingness to pay for it.
Industrial Sectors

All Industrial sectors will profit from our solutions.

While our solutions are industry sector-specific, our technologies are developed in a platform way of thinking, making innovation adoption and diffusion to multiple industrial sectors possible. 

5 (1)

Cybersecurity & Internet Security

Protection of systems, critical infrastructures, and internet-connected systems such as hardware, software, and data from cyber threats.


Communication & Navigation

Communication systems, channels, and navigation systems from the underwater level up to satellites.

4 (1)

Automotive / Aerospace/ Maritime

Specific environments, communication and network systems, data spaces, and objects. All the levels of automation and real-time requirements.

1 (1)

Energy & Natural Resources

From novel energy sources to energy optimisation and sensor technologies for natural resources.

3 (1)


Technologies for water, fertilisers, and energy optimisation for agriculture while fulfilling Climate Goals.

2 (1)

Health and Lifescience

Life on Earth is about the nucleus, atoms, molecules, light, and their interactions. The challenges of the world’s problems are connected with chemical reactions from drug discovery, fertilizers for agriculture and humanity’s food demand, molecular and electronic interaction in the vicinity of a solid surface for better catalyzer, energy demand, and optimization, photosynthesis, to DNA's mechanism for mutations and understanding diseases.

What DO WE DO?

From challenge to Cross-Technological Innovative Solutions

We work together with the Industrial R&D department to strengthen their innovative capabilities, access and identify challenges and valuable problems, guarantee cross-technological innovative solutions, and create a competitive advantage while bringing business value.

Business to Technology (B2T)
  • Identify industry-specific challenges where the current technological approaches run into limits.
  • Translate the challenge into technological and well-established scientific language.
Cross-Technology to Innovations (T2I)
  • Identify different QDeepTech technologies to address the specific challenge.
  • Provide Cross-Technological Innovation blueprint for the solution
R&D Innovative Solutions

Modeling and Development of the Cross-Technological Innovative Solutions.

Innovations to Market (I2M)

Innovations meeting Marketability Criteria.